Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Packages

Our Meal Plans, Programs and Training Plans are designed specifically for you and your lifestyle. Taking into consideration your goals, likes, dislikes and limitations.

Meal Plans

The Meal plan is based around 5-6 meals per day, pending your schedule and day. Meal plans can be done either “Structured” or “Flexible”, pending on the person's experience and wants. “Structured” meal plans will be based on foods picked between the client and the coach based on nutritional value and satiety taken into consideration. All portions will be given for selected foods, as well as optional substitutions for each meal when applicable. “Flexible” meal plans will be given to the client using Macronutrients “Macros (protein, carbs, fats) only. This type of dieting is for the experienced meal planner, who wants the range to pick and choose foods on each day to their needs. We generally see our best results using the “Structured” meal plans, just because we know you are getting the best nutritional value for your health and your needs. For Progression packages, the meal plan will be revisited each week upon check in, to see if there are any dietary changes needed. As your body composition changes, so does its dietary needs.

Click here to see an example meal plan template.

Q.What if I don’t like the food choices in my meal plan?

A.Upon completing the Consult Questionnaire, there will be a spot for you to tell us which foods you dislike, or any allergies or intolerances. We will do our best to not include any foods listed. Upon receiving your meal plan, if there is anything you disagree with, just let us know and we will revise it accordingly.

Q.What if I get sick of the food we picked?

A.Just say so! We are open to any feedback during your program, and each week during check-ins there will be a space for questions or concerns. We can modify and adjust your meal plan and compromise with you.

Q.What if I don’t have access to some of the food you recommend, perhaps if I work out of town or in a camp?

A.Not a problem! Our Coaches have years of experience with Camp jobs and working out of town and on the road and can accommodate with some “tricks of the trade” gathered over the years.

Q.What if I’m away on vacation and only have access to restaurants to eat from?

A.We have plans for this too! If you are going on vacation or stuck eating in a restaurant, then we have a simple ordering instruction sheet we can give you to choose the best food possible to match your program as close as possible.


Training Programs will be generated specifically for the client based on a professional visual assessment by one of our certified coaches, of your current physique, symmetry, injuries or any other limitations. We have options for Fitness Centers as well as; Home Work Out plans and Resistance Band Training for those who prefer to stay at home. Cardio will be chosen specifically for the client as well. For optimum results we recommend getting a Gym Membership so you have full access to all equipment available, but this isn't mandatory.

Q.Will you be my personal trainer and working out with me?

A.No, sorry but we are not personal trainers, we are Fitness and Nutrition Coaches, and we coach people all over the world. We can always recommend a personal trainer in your area, but these trainers can be over priced and they do not take everything into consideration when training a client.

Q.But what if I don’t know how to do certain exercises listed?

A.We give a detailed breakdown of each exercise, and any exercise listed can easily be looked up on YouTube or Google Images for step by step instructions on how to perform each exercise. This will be your cheapest personal trainer, and you can learn at your own pace!

Progression Plans

Our 4 week, 12 week and 16 week progression plans will include Weekly Check-Ins. Weekly check-ins with your coach will allow your progress to be assed each week and for any changes to your plan to be made. Each week you will send in photos, weight and information in regards to your week. From this your coach will assess your progress and make any adjustments to your meal plan, cardio or training as needed.

Q.What if I am not comfortable sending photos?

A.Ideally photos tell us a lot about your progress, as your weight may not change, but your body may change physically. For example; muscle density vs fat density. 6” of muscle will ultimately weigh more than 6” of fat. So you may be gaining weight and losing inches during one of our lean muscle programs! Also, we have Male and Female Coaches for you to choose from. If you are more comfortable with a Female, then you can specifically request that in your questionnaire.

Q.How fast can I expect results?

A.Right away! When changing over to a proper nutrition plan, you should start feeling the effects immediately! Feeling tighter, more energetic and even stronger within just a few days! As for fat loss and muscle development, this can vary on the person. How hard you work, how closely you follow the plan, and of course genetics have some input as well on where you will lose fat first. You cannot target fat loss, but you can target muscle growth! The harder you work, the faster the plan works!

Any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us here and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.