Cassie Weishar

Cassie Weishar

Cassie Weishar

World Cheerleader Competitor, New Leaf Ambassador

Hi & Hello!! My name is Cassandra Weishar or Cassie for short, I'm a 25 year old flippin’, twistin’ and fitness lovin’ guru!! I was born in Edmonton, spent most of my growing years in Ontario & now I am back in the YEG.

For as long as I can remember I have been fueled by personal goals and passions. I was a gymnast for 7 years and during that time at age 13 transferred into the amazing sport of Cheerleading and never stopped!! I cheered nationally at the collegiate level in London Ontario before moving to Edmonton once I graduated. I've cheered for the CFL Edmonton Eskimos for 4 seasons and continue in All-Star for 6 years at Perfect Storm Athletics competing at the World Cheerleading Championships in Orlando Florida.

If I could run away to the circus I would; I have trained and love aerial silks. My passion for the art and talent for cirque du Soleil is on another level.

Aside from training in sport, it wasn't until my early teens in high school that I found the gym and my love for the "Fit Life." Into and throughout adulthood I've experienced terrible gut health issues and it wasn't until I was in and out of the hospital with constant pain and receiving too many unanswered questions from doctors that I realized living a health and fitness lifestyle, being mind, body and soul will change my life for the better.

I am so passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle, the gym is my happy place! It creates strength, confidence, courage, opportunity... the list is endless and I truly believe you must live a life that brings you happiness so you can spread the same if not more into the lives of others.

The past few years I have learnt so much about who I am, who I'm not and who I want to be. Added goals, new passions - I strive to be that vibrant person to those who enter my life and simply make a difference. I am SUPER passionate about my ever growing YouTube Channel, sharing my journey, my adventures, my love for fitness, healthy nutrition and of course, cheerleading/acrobatics.

Living in the moment, blessed for each day and with the future in mind I am so thrilled to be part of the New Leaf family - Turning over a new leaf and so excited for my journey ahead!!